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“Babe” By Another Name

Of course, as a youngster, I thought “Babe” (Mildred) Didrikson Zaharias was wonderful. I continued to admire her sports enthusiasm and prowess all my life. I’m standing outside the cement barn floor, where our basket was located before Dad built … Continue reading

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Family Get-Togethers

In this writing story blog, I certainly would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to mention and feature the hundreds of family get-togethers, reunions, and celebratory gatherings, both happy and sad, that brought us into each others arms and homes through the … Continue reading

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From the Beginning…

One of my (five) brothers says he can remember events of his childhood back to the age of three, perhaps two. I cannot. But there are days, pieces of days, that do stick out for me. My family lived at … Continue reading

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Hello, Writers!

As my theme says, I’m recreating my varied writing life from the beginning, because my beginning with writing started when I made the joyous discovery that putting pencil to paper was the most fun I possibly could have in my … Continue reading

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