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Since I first touched a pencil to paper, I've been writing. Where that passion has taken me as I lived life is explored in my Primary Blog "My Writing Life Xposed". A number of other interests, including sports and classic reading, also keep my pen, or keyboard, busy. I love animals, including race horses, about whom I have written much, and I've always had a dog in my life. Shouldn't animals have their say? In my blog "Horses and Animals Are Talkin", I give them a chance to speak. In the blog "Barb Writes Poetry", I explore poetry as Free Verse, Rhymes, Haiku, and more. I'm from a rural community in Ohio, lived nine years in Vermont, then returned to my native Henry County in 1980. I've worked for various local newspapers and attended classes in writing over the years before retiring to free-lancing in 2008. It was after my migration back to Ohio that I began BAT Publishing in earnest. It is strictly a self-publishing enterprise in that I publish my own works -- novels, novelettes, short stories with my Roughcraft Art -- in my own softcover, or loose-leaf notebook, designs. My photos and artwork are also incorporated in the books. Prior to this endeavor, I produced a periodic story booklet for young writers only entitled "Connections". Its success sparked my interest in self-publishing my own titles.

My Great American Life-Sustaining Novel Influenced by the Film Ship of Fools Is Born

Of course, when one is in Columbus, Ohio, and is an Ohio native, one goes as The Ohio State University Buckeyes go! When I decided to start my after-high school life in Columbus, I had a brother attending The Ohio … Continue reading

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Second Chances

In the Summer months before my Senior year in high school, after gaining my parents’ confidence to paint my own room upstairs by myself (trim and all!) and while painting away for several days and contemplating my Senior year and … Continue reading

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School Bases Covered

After high school graduation, I worked at several area jobs — including one year at the city newspaper, The Northwest-Signal — before moving to Columbus, Ohio, to explore my independence from Mom and Dad and seven siblings and to begin to experience the twists … Continue reading

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Big Written Production on JFK

By the time I was a senior in high school, I knew my part in life would involve writing, and when that Fall my President was murdered before the eyes of thousands in Dallas, Texas, I was inspired to write … Continue reading

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“Babe” By Another Name

Of course, as a youngster, I thought “Babe” (Mildred) Didrikson Zaharias was wonderful. I continued to admire her sports enthusiasm and prowess all my life. I’m standing outside the cement barn floor, where our basket was located before Dad built … Continue reading

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The Sports Distraction

In the above 8th Grade photo, you may see more of the “player” (especially if you note the scab on the end of the nose) than the budding writer. I do! But I think, also, what can be seen is … Continue reading

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Family Get-Togethers

In this writing story blog, I certainly would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to mention and feature the hundreds of family get-togethers, reunions, and celebratory gatherings, both happy and sad, that brought us into each others arms and homes through the … Continue reading

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Writing Stardom

Fifth and Sixth Grades at Holgate Elementary School in the fifties featured a combined teacher rotation that was brand new to us. We had come through the first four grades to begin a more mature experience. In the fifth grade, … Continue reading

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Then Came School

At an early age, my interest in sports became a second addiction — second to the written word and writing. With my Dad, I listened to the Cleveland Indians’ (baseball) games on the radio. The Indians were my Dad’s team. … Continue reading

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Learning My Way With Imagination

Somewhere in the early going of my learning to write words and sentences, I heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A thousand words seemed a lifetime’s work at the time, plus I was terribly disappointed with … Continue reading

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