Along Came Words and Sentences

Paper and a pencil as fat as my finger at the time became my fast friends as soon as my mom gave them to me to replace my coloring books, which my imagination had begun to out-think.

With my pencil in a shaky, all-discovering hand, I put one letter, then another on paper with lead! My mom helped me learn the alphabet before I entered the first grade. When I put the letters together by using the ABCs with no spaces in between, Mom said, I could make real words, as those in my coloring books and in my reading books like “Poky Little Puppy”.

Gradually, I became an architect of letters. Simply by adding letters one to another, like figures in an arithmetic sequence, I spelled real words, just like Mom had predicted.

What a fine day that was, making first words!

And there was more, I soon realized. Words put together in a logical order could make a sentence, could say something. Wow! What joy! Just two words did it. “The” and “dog”. The dog.

I wrote “the” and “dog” over and over again that first day, stringing the letters together as fast as I could think of them.

Already, I was on my way to becoming a wordsmith.



About bahelberg1

Since I first touched a pencil to paper, I've been writing. Where that passion has taken me as I lived life is explored in my Primary blog, . I love animals, including race horses, about whom I have written much, and I've always had a dog in my life. Shouldn't animals have their say? In my Second Primary blog, , I give them a chance to speak. In the Composite blog , I explore my life's journey and observations. Other interests -- poetry, sports, photography, thankfulness, story ideas, self-publishing, story art, fiction, and more -- get their due in my other (17) blogs. I'm from a rural community in Ohio, lived nine years in Vermont, then returned to my native Henry County in 1980. I've worked for various local newspapers and attended classes in writing over the years before retiring to free-lancing in 2008. It was after my migration back to Ohio that I began BAT Publishing in earnest. It is strictly a self-publishing enterprise in that I publish my own works -- novels, novelettes, short stories with my Roughcraft Art -- in my own softcover, or loose-leaf notebook, designs. My photos and artwork are also incorporated in the books. Prior to this endeavor, I produced a periodic story booklet for young writers only entitled "Connections". Its success sparked my interest in self-publishing my own titles.
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3 Responses to Along Came Words and Sentences

  1. bahelberg1 says:

    Thank you, fashionforlunch, for stopping by with a “Like”! Appreciate that!

  2. Patti Ross says:

    Your blog is delightful. I too have been writing for most of my life, enjoying the wonder of what can be created. I found you because you visited my blog–thank you for starting a fun adventure of discovery.

  3. bahelberg1 says:

    So nice of you to stop by and leave an encouraging message, Patti Ross ! Thank you! Delighted that we found one another as fellow writers!

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